• Centralized Reporting
  • Program Management
  • Visual Analysis Tools
  • Fully Customizable Features


Blocks is a simple and intuitive reporting platform that centralizes your program's data.


Create custom reports to receive quantitative and qualitative updates from your program.


Design a hierarchy that fits your organization's structure.


View real time data visualizations on an interactive dashboard.


Automatically aggregate your data. Drill down and drill through your most important metrics.

Just A Few of the Powerful Features


An easy to read and fully customized graphical representation of your key performance indicators.

  • See all your important metrics in one dashboard view
  • Customize the latest visual data analysis tools
  • Let your decision makers view real-time program data
  • Spend less time connecting your data and more time producing insights


Create reports using qualitative metrics and quantitative descriptions to collect crucial information from all levels of your program.

  • Build customized reports for every role in your organization
  • View interactive data summaries with real time numbers
  • Connect with your team through a live feed of reported observations and comments
  • Receive daily email summaries
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Responsive Design

Blocks is a responsively designed platform that is built to dynamically fit on every screen. All of your customized features and carefully crafted details are optimally rendered whether you are on a computer, tablet or mobile device. Interact with your adaptive reporting platform in the office, at home, or on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

My organization has a large volunteer network, can Blocks support our staff as well as our volunteers?

Yes! Blocks' architecture is built to scale and can support your organization whether you have 10 users or 10,000 users! Blocks is a fast, reliable, and scalable tool.

My organization is very unique and most out of the box tools don't work for us, what makes Blocks different?

Blocks is built to be completely customizable to give you a fully dynamic reporting tool that serves as a highly flexible program management utility. You can customize your organization's hierarchy and specify both data permissions and feature access for every role on your team. Additionally you can tailor every feature for every role, this includes metrics, reports, data summaries, and dashboard visualizations. Each role can have a completely personalized experience. Not only can you set Blocks up for your organization now, but Blocks' setup can continue to change and evolve with your organization as it grows!

My organization has very specific metrics that we track, can we use Blocks for our program?

Of course! With Blocks you control your data directly in the application. You are able to manage and customize your metrics, reports, data summaries, and dashboard visualizations. This means that you can make sure that your centralized reporting environment matches up with your program all the time!

My organization has very strict data security policies, is Blocks secure?

Yes! Blocks uses industry leading security technologies and best practices to ensure that your data and information is always safe.

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